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Litter 14  -  the 'Pohjoinen' puppy


Infindigo Taysikuu Arvo

Hip Score: 

prcd-1 PRA:

GSD II (Pompe's):

6 / 4

Carrier (B)

Clear by Heredity

Hip Score: 

prcd-1 PRA:

GSD II (Pompe's):

6 / 8

Clear (A) by Heredity

Clear by Heredity

The one and only "litter" of Infindigo puppies to be born away from south west England is a single puppy born in northern England with his mum, Suvi's, owner Anna standing in as midwife for her first time.  I had intended to be there, but that proved impossible in the event due to a combination of Covid travel complications and the fact that he arrived 3 days earlier than expected.  Not only that, but he also arrived with very little of the worrying fanfare we expect might be the case with single puppies.  Suvi made quick work of the birth and after only a little convincing, settled down to be the wonderful mother we knew she would be.  

"Pohjoinen" is the Finnish word for "north" or "northern" and Joulu is the Finnish word for Christmas, pronounced Yoh-loo. 


Joulu Birth

     Name                                 Pet Name      Sex

Time of           Weight    

  Birth             at Birth



250 g


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