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Please note I'm not planning to breed again for the foreseeable future.  If you're looking for information about Finnish Lapphunds, feel free to browse my website.  There is also a wealth of information with a humorous twist on my blog, which you can find from the link above. 

If you're interested in a puppy, my best advice is to contact other breeders listed on the websites of the two UK breed clubs:

Finnish Lapphund of Great Britain and Southern Finnish Lapphund Society.

Have some patience, as you may have to wait for your puppy, and be prepared to travel as you are more likely to find a breeder at the other end of the country from you than next door.

They are the best breed around, so good luck.

We spend a lot of time in the woods

Cute fluffy Finnish Lapphund puppies sitting in weighing scales

          Jennifer Simmons, South Devon, England, UK                

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