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Litter 12  -  the 'Sisko' puppies

Wolf sable Finnish Lapphund dog sire Multi Champion Petäjämaan Viksu dam Finnish Champion Shacal Joutava

Shacal Mihkku of TabanyaRuu

Hip Score: 

prcd-1 PRA:

Eye Test:

4 / 6

Clear (A)

27/07/2017 - Clear

Black tan and white Finnish Lapphund bitch sitting on the grass smiling sire UK Champion Lecibsin Salo of TabanyaRuu Junior Warrant Show Certificate of Merit dam Infindigo Riemu Emmi ShCM

Hip Score: 

prcd-1 PRA:


Eye Test: 

4 / 4

Clear (A) by Heredity

Clear by Heredity

09/04/2018 - Clear

Ulla's first litter is with the wonderful import, Shacal Mihkku of TabanyaRuu, who my friend Liz imported from Saara Sampakoski's kennel in Finland.  The sire of the Lintu litter also came from the Shacal kennel.  If you nip over to the TabanyaRuu website you can see photos of Mihkku's parents; gorgeous Finnish Champion Shacal Joutava and the stunning Multi Champion Petäjämaan Viksu, who we had the great fortune to watch win Best of Breed at the World Dog Show in Helsinki in 2014.  


Many thanks to Mihkku's owners, Karissa & Mark, for helping to facilitate this mating and to Liz, as always, for her support and friendship.  

"Sisko" is the Finnish word for "sister" as these puppies are my first-ever litter comprised entirely of girls.  


Individual puppy pages will be set up in due course, but in the meantime for updates on these puppies and the rest of the Infindigo family, check out the blog.  

Wolf sable 6-week-old Finnish Lapphund puppy Infindigo Sisko Suvi, sitting on a table with a red brick background


Black tan and white or black tricolor Finnish Lapphund puppy 6 weeks old sitting on a table with a red brick background


6 week old wolf sable Finnish Lapphund puppy Infindigo Sisko Kukka Nukka sitting on a table in front of a brick wall


     Name                              Pet Name         Sex

Time of           Weight    

  Birth             at Birth








350 g

330 g

360 g

Wolf sable

Black tan & white

Wolf sable

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