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We are so grateful to Pia Juhlin of Black Blossom kennel in Sweden for taking a chance on an unknown British breeder like me and entrusting this sweet girl to us.  


In February 2012 I braved the Swedish winter and flew to Stockholm for one day to collect a puppy who, at the time, was called Fia.  Pia very kindly arranged to get the puppy to me at my airport hotel in Stockholm from where she lives far to the north.  Fia was confident and brave and even though she undoubtedly could not understand a word of the English I spoke to her, we hit it off straightaway.  It might have had a little something to do with the yummy treats I kept offering her!


Little Fia was flown to Heathrow and then came with me to Devon and settled right into the household.  Very quickly we realised that the name Fia was not going to work.  It sounded a bit too much like Neka to her ears, and we decided that it was too much to expect her to learn a new language and to distinguish between her own name and another dog's that sounded so similar.  So for a brief time she was Fia-Tuuli and finally Tuuli.  She learned her new name in less than a week.  Puppies are so resilient.


As an adult, Tuuli is extremely sweet-natured and so eager to please.  She spends most of her days playing with Maija or one of the others.  She is gentle and sensitive and loves to cuddle up.  None of our other dogs are in the least cuddly with each other, though, so Tuuli usually saves all her cuddles for us.  She is shy and reserved with strangers but warms up to them very quickly.  With other dogs she is very much like most Lappies and she assumes that everyone she meets is up for a game.  Her favorite game is chase, although she does like to wrestle too.   And although all our dogs like the water, Tuuli is absolutely fearless in the water and will even have a swim.  


In 2013 Tuuli gave us a beautiful litter of 5 puppies with Infindigo Taito, the Pippuri litter of 2 girls and 3 boys.   Her second litter came on the last day of 2014 by the stunning domino boy Infindigo Persikka Kuura, the Juhla puppies, again 2 girls and 3 boys.  Her third litter of 1 girl and 2 boys was born in 2016 by the fabulous Netherlands & Denmark Champion Happy Lapp Dumbo, the Täysikuu puppies.


You can check the "Puppy Plans" page for more information of our breeding plans.  If you are interested in buying a puppy, please read "Getting a Puppy" and then contact us to discuss joining the waiting list.

Black tan & white Finnish Lapphund breeding bitch from kennel Black Blossom Sweden

Beautiful Tuuli - summer 2015

Photo by Mark Treasure

Dog walking on Dartmoor

Tuuli - 1 year

Finnish Lapphund puppy playing in the snow

Fun in the Swedish snow, 5 weeks

Black tri Finnish Lapphund, cafe dog

Tuuli cafe dog - Nov 2018

Dog in the bracken on Dartmoor

Tuuli Pup - winter 2011/12


Black Blossom Troll Fia (imp Swe)

Black, Tan & White Female

Born:       2 November 2011

Dam:       Black Blossom Lady Valreas

Sire:         Lapinlumon Zompa

Reg No:   AP0901130


Hip Score:                 4 / 6

prcd-1 PRA:             Clear/Normal (A)

Pompe's Disease:    Clear/Normal

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