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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Finnish Lapphunds noisy?

Like most spitz breeds, Finnish Lapphunds can sometimes enjoy the sound of their own voices.  However, they are very trainable and can be taught not to bark for attention.

How big will my Finnish Lapphund grow?

Finnish Lapphunds come in a variety of sizes.  In general females are smaller than males at approximately 42-46 cm tall at the shoulder.  Males are anywhere from 44-50 cm tall at the shoulder.  The breed standard defines the "ideal" sizes as 44 cm for a bitch and 49 cm for a dog, but Taito (right) is 49 cm yet appears rather large compared to many Finnish Lapphund males.  


In terms of weight, adult Finnish Lapphunds may weigh anywhere from 15-21 kg and still be a healthy weight.  As they tend to be greedy eaters, owners must guard against allowing their dog to become fat as that will put undue pressue on the dog's joints.

Finnish Lapphund show dog at West of England Ladies Championship Dog Show 2009 WELKS

What are the differences between dogs and bitches?

The main difference between the sexes is the size.  With size comes strength, and so a male Lapphund will be heavier and considerably stronger than a female.


Another noticeable difference is in the amount of coat they carry.  In general, males will have a longer, thicker coat than females, particularly in the abundant mane around their neck and shoulders.  This will also mean a bigger job of grooming and cleaning up when the dog is moulting.  


In some instances the bitches can be more biddable than the dogs, but this is very much an individual character trait rather than a sex-specific quality.

Can I show my dog?  What about agilityobedience, canicross or bikejoring?

If you want to participate in dog sports with your Lappy, or if you are interested in showing your dog, it's important that you let your breeder know.  Together you can then select the best puppy for your plans.  Lappies can be great at the competitive dog sports, but there is no point in having a chilled, lazy Lappy if you want to climb the ranks of the agility world, for example.  You will also need to discuss the best way to build up your young Lappy's stamina - it's important to gradually increase their exercise in order to protect their joints, and you certainly should do no high-impact exercise like agility or canicross with your Lapphund until they are at least 12 months old and physically fit.  


If you are interested in showing your puppy, I would be happy to help you out with advice and planning.  You can see some information about our activities with our dogs by visiting our "Activities" page.

Brown domino Finnish Lapphund dog jumping at agility

Do Finnish Lapphunds like water?

You might think that Lappies would be quite averse to water, considering their big, heavy coats.  After all, they are designed to stay pretty warm and dry and to shake off moisture.  Although some of them will avoid getting their paws wet if they can avoid it, most of them do enjoy a paddle.  All of our dogs will take any opportunity in any temperatures to have a paddle in the ocean or a river as long as it's no deeper than belly or, perhaps, shoulder.  Tuuli, on the other hand, will even swim, given the opportunity.  The Mailat puppies' sire, Salo, was completely obsessed by water - no ornamental pond or muddy puddle was safe!  We've had some pretty water-mad puppies here too - particularly the Raita bunch.  But Lintu Miika takes the cake.  Check out our videos page to see him swimming with his pals at doggy daycare.  I guess that's what happens when you spend your time with Spaniels and Labradors - when in Rome...

Do Finnish Lapphunds get on with cats?

Truth be told, most Lappies will chase cats and other small furries outside the house.  And don't even whisper the word "squirrel"!   But they are generally great with their "own" cats, especially if raised with them from puppyhood.  We have had pups cohabiting very happily (and safely!) with pigs, horses and other farm animals, chinchillas, house rabbits and even chickens. 

Wolf sable Finnish Lapphund bitch puppy with black and white moggie cat

Where can I get a Finnish Lapphund puppy?

Finnish Lapphunds are still relatively rare in the UK and it is important to be sure you choose your puppy from a reputable breeder.  The two breed clubs, the Finnish Lapphund Club of Great Britain and the Southern Finnish Lapphund Society, both maintain breeder lists, as does the Kennel Club.


If you would like to be considered for an Infindigo puppy, please read our guidance notes, A Puppy From Infindigo, so you know what to expect and then  get in touch to let us know a bit about yourselves and your expectations.  Be warned, though, that Lappies are rather addictive and few people can stop with only one!

Fluffy Finnish Lapphund puppy brown red with tan an white and green eyes

What's the difference between a Finnish Lapphund and a Finnish Lapponian Dog?

No difference.  At the end of 2016 the Lapphund Club of Finland, Lappalaiskoirat Ry decided that the English name for the Suomenlapinkoira, the dog we know as the Finnish Lapphund, should be Finnish Lapponian Dog.  The English-speaking countries have not yet come on board with the new name.  At the moment in the UK we still say Finnish Lapphund, but Finnish Lapponian Dog is now used by the governing body of the international dog fancy, the FCI, as well as by other European countries, including Finland. 

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