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Litter 13  -  the 'Onnekas' puppies


Ch Pavoskas Aly Arttu



Hip Score: 

prcd-1 PRA:


Eye Test:

5 / 7

Clear (A)

Clear by heredity

23/03/2019 - Clear

Hip Score: 

prcd-1 PRA:


Eye Test: 

7 / 6

Carrier (B)

Clear by Heredity

26/04/2019 - Clear

Anni's first and only litter was with a lovely Ch Pavoskas Aly Arttu JW ShCM ShCEx.  It was probably the shortest journey I've ever had to a stud dog.  And just as well, too, because I had to get there fast.  Having failed to get Anni into whelp at the first attempt, this time I wasn't taking any chances, so I had her progesterone tested.  The first blood test was on day 8 of her season, a Thursday.  I was expecting another blood test on the Saturday and again on the Monday with mating tentatively scheduled for around Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week.  But no, when the results came back I discovered she had already ovulated!  No wonder we had missed the last time.  At least it wasn't far to drive once I got the results. 


Many thanks to Arttu's owners, Sammy & Shelley, for facilitating this mating.  What a lovely bunch of puppies this terrific pair made. 

"Onnekas" is the Finnish word for "lucky".  This is my lucky number 13th litter of Lapphunds, and Onnekas is also the kennel name of my first Lappy, the one and only Neka.   With everything we went through with these puppies, they needed all the luck they could get! 


You can see their individual puppy pages by clicking their names below.  You can also find updates on these puppies and the rest of the Infindigo family, on the blog.  

     Name                                  Pet Name         Sex

Time of           Weight    

  Birth             at Birth








347 g

305 g

335 g

295 g

300 g

339 g

Black tan & white

Brown tan & white

Black tan & white

Brown tan & white

Black tan & white

Wolf sable

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