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Juhla puppies 3 weeks old

It's a wet day outside and the puppies are bored.

Granny Neka to the rescue to keep them entertained.

Riemu puppies "enjoying" a bit of culture - all part of the

extensive puppy socialisation process at Infindigo.

Raita puppies having fun with Granny Tuuli May 2017.

Look at all those wagging tails!

Mailat puppies at 8 weeks old and definitely ready for their new homes!

4-week-old puppies having fun in the sun.

Oakki Agility Video

Sue takes 14-month-old Oakki through his paces at early agility class.

Many thanks to Evie Gromm, K-9 Spirit for the video.

Miika having fund with his pals at doggy daycare.

Many thanks to Fundays Dog Daycare Oxfordshire for the video.

Miika Swiming Vide
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