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Wolf sable female

Date of Birth:

KC Reg No:



Hip Score:

prcd PRA:

GSD II (Pompe's):

07 June 2018


Infindigo Mailat Ulla JW

Shacal Mihkku of TabanyaRuu (imp Fin)

6 / 8

Clear (A) by Heredity

Clear (A) by Heredity

Pretty wolf sable puppy bitch 13 weeks old lying in the back of a boat

Boat pup - 13 weeks


Suvi Dec 2019 1.5 years

Suvi Feb 2019.jpg

Happy snow pup Jan 2019

Wolf sable Finnish Lapponian Dog puppy, 6 weeks old, sittig on a white blanket with a red brick background

Suvi July 2018 - 6 weeks old

Wolf sable Finnish Lapphund puppy 10 weeks old in a blue paddling pool

Suvi Aug 2018


Infindigo Sisko Suvi

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