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Our Dogs

If only we could keep all the puppies.  But that would be crazy ...  I guess.  But seriously,  even if we kept just one puppy from every litter, we would very soon be over-run with dogs who would not be getting all the time, attention and exercise they need and deserve.  Therefore, our puppies mainly go to new loving homes, the very best homes we can find for them.  And one or two of each litter will come back someday to have puppies of their own.  Very occasionally, we get a puppy of our own.  At the moment, we have 3 dogs at home, although we did once have 5 for a time!

finnish lapphund puppy, living with a pack of dogs, lappies, lappylove, loving lappies for 15 years


Black Blossom Troll Fia (imp Swe)


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Elbereth Keskiyo for Infindigo ShCM


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Black tricolour Finnish Lapphund Elbereth Keskiyo x Elbereth Onnekas


Infindigo Monta Maija


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