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Having a Finnish Lapphund in your life is a blessing.  Having a Finnish Lapphund puppy in your life is the same as any puppy - hard work!  You need to think about training, exercise, puppy classes, buying all the gear, not to mention all the fun, games and cuddles.  It pretty rewarding stuff and your effort and hard work will be repaid time and again by your loving, lovable Lappy.


Every puppy we breed means as much to us as the dogs who live with us, and we consider them all to be members of our extended family.  Their well-being is of paramount importance and so we work very hard to make sure each puppy goes to the best possible loving forever-home we can find.


If you are interested in having an Infindigo puppy, please call or send an email in the first instance telling us a bit about yourself, your home, work commitments and what sort of life you can offer a dog.  We need to get to know you a little before discussing the possibility of selling you one of our dogs, so please don't be offended if we ask you lots of questions.  In addition, we will want to meet you and your family and possibly visit you at home.  These 'house checks' are often very useful in identifying potential problems to be fixed that you just don't see until you have an inquisitive little wet nose in the house and investigating every hidden corner of your garden.


In return, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, whether you're just thinking about getting a dog or you already have a whole pack!  We provide a life-long commitment to all the puppies we breed and their families and like to keep in touch from time-to-time to see how everyone is doing.  We're very lucky to have become friends with many people who have had a puppy from us.

We have been Kennel Club Assured Breeders, and we still work within their guidelines.  We are also members of the Finnish Lapphund Club of Great Britain and the Southern Finnish Lapphund Society.  This is important to us as it illustrates that we are committed to and abide by strict codes of ethics in our breeding practices.  All our breeding dogs have been hip scored and eye tested as well as being DNA verified against Progressive Retinal Atrophy (prcd-1 PRA) and Pompe's Disease (GSD II).  In addition, we will only use stud dogs that have been similarly tested and hip scored.  For information about these conditions, please refer to the health page.


Our puppies are reared in the home with other animals and plenty of visitors.  We work very hard to ensure they are well socialised to give them the best possible start in life.  All puppies are Kennel Club registered, eye tested, wormed and insured before leaving home and are sold with a standard puppy contract.  Pedigrees are endorsed "Progeny not eligible for registration" and "Not eligible for export pedigree".  These restrictions are designed to protect the puppies and the future of the breed. The breeding restriction can be lifted at our discretion but this will only be considered when the relevant health checks have been completed with satisfactory results and if we consider the dog in question to be suitable for breeding purposes.


When you invite a Lappy into your life you are automatically invited into a friendly community of Lapphund lovers throughout the UK and beyond who share stories and advice and even meet up now and again.  A Finnish Lapphund is more than just a dog - it's a way of life!

Come on over and meet some of the family on the Infindigo Facebook group.

A Puppy From Infindigo

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