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air shaft fishing

In order to make sure we were in Spain in sufficient time to get residency sorted out before the final Brexit landed, we rented an apartment in August and I moved in, more or less full-time at the beginning of September. The flat was located on the very edge of an affluent little town called El Pinós, or Pinoso, surrounded by rolling mountains and about 45 minutes from Alicante airport.

Jay went back and forth, getting the Devon house ready for selling and getting his business ready for remote management. One night last week (while I was there by myself) I grabbed the nearest thing to hand to put a bug out the window. Because you have to carry important documents with you as ID everytime you go outside in Spain, I had ALL my important documents lying around close to hand. Therefore when I flicked the bug out the window, I accidentally flicked my original birth certificate out there too. Oops!

That wouldn't have been so bad if the window didn't open out into an enclosed air shaft. And that wouldn't have been so bad if the flat downstairs that does have access to the air shaft wasn't rented by someone who is apparently living elsewhere at the moment. And then it rained for 2 nights and a day.

Luckily Jay then arrived, and one of his superpowers is rigging up some unlikely means of solving puzzles. Here he is retrieving my birth cert (luckily in an envelope) using a little wicker basket, gaffer tape, glue, string and a broom. Result!

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